Friday, March 04, 2005

First out of the gate...

Freedom Slopes.
Freedom is a pinnacle, something all humans should and usually do strive to attain. Almost everything in life is done according to this end. However unattainable freedom is, we are forever caught in the struggle for freedom on a personal level or as part of humanity as a whole. The climb to freedom is noble and fruitful no matter how vain it may seem at times. Freedom is a slope and just as the subjectivity of freedom allows all to determine their own ideas of what freedom means the slope of freedom varies. At times it is a precipitous slope nearly impossible to climb while at others it may seem a leisurely Sunday stroll. It is our perceptions and actions that shape the slope of freedom and we must maintain an acute awareness of this. Freedom slopes but it is up to us to determine how steep and slippery a slope we would like to climb.


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