Sunday, June 12, 2005


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Cindy and I went out for some local delicacies yesterday out near the salt flats in Qi Qu. After selecting some fresh shrimp and mussels, getting them cooked in a rather decrepit-looking shack across the road we had a great meal. All for about 25$ Canadian!!
After dinner we drove through Qi gu and the surrounding area and happened along an old beach resort outside of Jia Li. I was astonished (and a bit embarrassed) to see ridable waves when we arrived. I have lived in Tainan for 3 years already and not known you can surf here. I am now in the process of trying to find myself a surfboard.
I see globalisation has even brought the predominently handicraft manufacturing of surfboards to asia as well. A number of Taiwanese companies manufacture "pop-out" moulds in China much to the disgrace of any surfing purist. There are also some smaller scale factories making handcrafted custom boards. I e-mailed a couple of companies today and hopefully will get a prompt reply telling me I can get a cheap custom longboard!!


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