Sunday, July 31, 2005

Soccer, Coolio and dirty white sluts...

The weekend of the 23rd and 24th were spent in Taipei. It was my first time attending the Taipei Summer Cup soccer tournament. It was a decent weekend but bloody hot!
Our trip began with the typical Tainan Phoenix 40 seater bus filled with some young, and other young at heart, beer hungry folk. A garbage can full of ice and beer kept everyone satisfied until about 2am when we ran out and still had an hour before we got into Taipei. I made sure we did not stop for more and kept rolling straight to the hotel so we all could good get a half of a good nights sleep before play the next day.
Saturday went well for our team. We had a 4-0 win over the B-52's, a team of old engineers in Taipei, as well as two ties. We tied a hard fought match with the Celts, a team of Gaelic footballers who play quite hard, and also a tie with the Animals from Taipei. That game was a nasty affair with two reds and a lot of chippy football.
In the evening we all headed out for some Mongolian style food. All you can eat mongolian grill was what we needed after a day of football in the 30something degree sun. Later me and Cindy took in the closing of the Nokia "Totally Board" event at the CKS memorial. It had been a day of x-game-type sports with BMX, and big air skiiing and snowboarding on real snow!! Sadly we only caught the closing concert where Coolio delivered a tremendous performance of "If you're happy and you know it...". The crowd was ok with "clap your hands" but lost on "stomp your feet." The crowd was short of Bushiban kids I think.
On day two we played our Taichung compass in the quarters and knocked them out in a shootout. The coach of Taiwan's national team, a former brazilian pro-player, who was in the Taichung squad missed his penalty when he tried a trick penalty by kicking with his left foot around his right. Loser.
Afer Taichung we played the Taipei Lions in the semis. We took the field against former Phoenix bald Paul who now plays for the Lions after moving to Taipei. It was a long-ball air battle with not many chances for either team until about the last minute when the Lions crossed a ball from left to right and Khaled( of the Phoenix) decided to shove a Lions player in the box. The Lions subsequently buried the penalty and we lost the game. DAMN Khaled.
We ended our tourney playing the Taichiung Teletubbies for 3rd place. We beat the fine lads from Taichung in penalties. The game was played in good spirits as they usually are with the class-act Tubbies. Their name doesn't exactly call to mind a team of ruthless brutes does it?
The Animals ended up winning the tournament in penalties. The penalties of course were great fun as the Animals took jeeers and boos and the worst name calling from all sides especailly the Phoenix.
SIDENOTE--- At the hotel we found a lovely map of Taipei with a picture of some Taiwanese singer named Vivian. On her shirt are the words "Dirty White Slut". Nothing better for tourists coming to Taipei. A true city of class!!


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Coolio will probably NEVER come to Dartmouth!!


August 03, 2005 3:10 AM  
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mofo say brip, brap a brippity brippity brip brap

August 13, 2005 10:30 AM  
Blogger fatrobot said...

look at those chicken legs

you know there is little archeological evidence to show us of the life and times of jesus' brother
ray christ

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