Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Another Migrant worker story...Mexican farm workers in Canada...

A Mexican consulate officially opened Monday in the small farming town Leamington, Ont., to assist the thousands of migrant workers that flock there every year for the harvest season.Leamington -- the tomato capital of Canada located about 50 kilometres southeast of Windsor -- is one example of a Southwestern Ontario farming town that's increasingly attracting migrant workers, many of them Mexican.

The short story goes on to mention some of the issues that have come up for migrant workers.

...the United Food and Commercial Workers' Union says Canada is taking advantage of these migrants. It's suing both the federal and Ontario governments, claiming the workers are left without social or legal support; and no protection from retaliation for reporting an abusive employer.

...Do the problems of these migrant workers sound familiar to anyone in Taiwan?

At least the Mexicans don't have to take out loans with 20% interest rates to pay outrageous broker fees to get into Canada the same as Indonesian workers do when they want to go to Taiwan. Get that full sad story here

Get the whole story on video here
ON the web in electronic print here


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